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InQuisient’s browser-based platform enables one seamless view of information for the C-Suite – from the organization’s Enterprise Architecture to IT Portfolio Management – enabling business transformation at the speed of your mission.

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Col. Debra Theall (Retired), US Army

Army PEO Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)


Due to increased government regulations from OMB and DoD, Federal CIOs are under significant pressure and scrutiny to manage their enterprise business systems. Most agencies have no in-place tracking systems to connect their approved Enterprise Architecture (EA) with program budgets, and paperwork drills cannot keep pace with today’s data-driven enterprises.

If budgets don’t execute to the approved EA, CIOs will be in the dark about compliance with their own EA and other mandates, such as FITARA or DESMF. Only a data-driven approach that connects the EA to enterprise activities and programs can hope to establish good CIO level enterprise management practices.

The InQuisient platform puts users in control, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels of your organization. Discerning organizations across the U.S. Federal Government, DoD and Intelligence Community trust InQuisient to provide the agile, rapid data-driven decision making required for today’s global enterprise organizations. Transform your entire portfolio process into advanced visualization for real-time health assessments and decision making.

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FITARA A Plus Module

Track and analyze agency data and produce required FITARA reports automatically

Project Portfolio Insight

InQuisient’s Project Portfolio Insight tool provides leaders with a complete view of ‘today’s truth,’ delivering actionable transparency across all operational levels and a flexible integrated project plan that meets the needs of everyone involved – from HQ to the front line – rendering the need for multiple spreadsheets obsolete.

Data Call 

Gather the information needed to respond to unexpected, unpredictable time-sensitive data calls efficiently and confidently. InQuisient’s browser-based tool provides access from anywhere to the knowledge you need to respond to requests for information from any source, from the front lines to the front office.

IG Assessment Data Collection

Ensure the integrity and security of your data and respond rapidly with confidence as you collect the data and connect the dots to support your IG office with InQuisient’s IG tool.

When Knowledge Flows, Missions Succeed.

Quick to deploy, InQuisient’s browser-based platform enables agile, user-driven data management and business transformation at the speed of your mission. The platform delivers flexibility across the enterprise, enabling cross-operational input as well as the ability to customize specific metrics. This enables key decision makers to create order from chaos by viewing only the data they need to see, all without impacting the integrity of the data or disrupting the chain of custody.


Solve complex, robust enterprise problems with this agile, lean tool that deploys rapidly across all your organizational levels to meet specific requirements and adapt on the fly with little IT investment

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Users can use pre-built data models or design or tweak the data model to ensure the right questions are being asked, with a clear chain of custody established and data integrity baked in

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The InQuisient platform is adaptive to meet emerging agency needs and requirements as fast as the needs arise

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Access the InQuisient platform from any device that uses a web browser anywhere there’s an Internet connection – desktop, mobile, tablet, over WiFi or LaN

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From EA to IT Portfolio Management, decision makers need a seamless view of information to make informed decisions. When data is siloed, knowledge gaps can lead to critical mistakes. InQuisient enables the multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels to eliminate silos and ensure success. Learn More


Connect with us today to explore the platform in your environment and experience the flow of knowledge first hand.

Or Call 1-888-230-2181

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